How to Upgrade to Windows 8 From Windows 7 , XP and Vista

windows 8 pro pack

After the 1.24 Billion Hours of Public Testing in 190 Countries, Microsoft’s New Operating System Windows 8 is Officially Launched. So now it’s time to Upgrade to the Next Generation Operating System Windows 8. For Using Windows 8 you can do Clean Installation of Windows 8 or Upgrade from Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 to Windows 8 . There ... Read More »

How to Install Android Apps and Games on Windows 8 PC

loading bluestacks

Have you ever thought of playing temple run 2 or running whatsapp on your Windows 8 system. If yes today we would show you how to install any android app on your windows 8 PC or the laptop. There are over 7,50,000 apps available on the Google PlayStore. Now you can easily download and install all those apps on your ... Read More »

Windows 8 – An Exciting New Platform for Designers and Developers


Windows 8 is the all-new version of the Windows operating system, launched by Microsoft in the last week of October 2012. Windows 8 is actually a leap forward from the way normal Windows operating systems work, as this latest OS can be used in PCs, desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles. PC and desktop versions of the OS support both old ... Read More »

Six Ways to Get Start Menu in Windows 8

System Taskbar Start Menu

Windows 8 is the latest version of Microsoft. The first update of this is windows 7 which was released three years ago. Windows 8 Operating System is that it can work same as with the tablets, laptops and desktop computers. This can support the input by keyboard & mouse and by touchscreen also, but Start Menu is one of the ... Read More »

How to Turn On BitLocker in Windows 8

bitlocker in windows 8

BitLocker and BitLocker To Go is a great security feature in windows 8 Operating system, which provide full drive encryption for fixed and removable drives, respectively providing protection for your data even when the drive is removed and accessed from elsewhere. Just Follow Below given simple steps for Enabling BitLocker in Windows 8. Step 1 – First Right Click on ... Read More »

Microsoft Surface Tablet PC: Specs and Features


Microsoft is the largest software maker in terms of revenue. It has its own products and licenses. The tech giant for computers released this tablet PC to grow its market. Microsoft Surface is the first tablet to pose Windows 8 version with built in applications to experience high speed and quality. Using the keyboard cover and its magnetic spine, this ... Read More »

How to Set Up Family Safety on Windows 8

family-safety in windows 8

Windows 8 Operating System has a great Feature of Family Safety which helps you to monitor your Child’s activity and set limits on your child’s Account. So if children’s use your computer, consider setting up Family Safety controls through their user accounts. These controls allow you to make different settings for each child. Turning On Family Safety on Windows 8 ... Read More »

How to Update Apps in Windows 8

windows 8 store app

In Windows 8 Store there might be many reason for Apps new Updates available time by time. App new updates might fix old bug in app, add new features to the app or offer some additional data in App . So it is highly Recommended to install App Updates for keeping Windows Store Apps up-to-date . Just follow below given ... Read More »

New Features of Windows 8 as Infographic

windows 8

I am sure that you must have seen this infographic almost on all renowned tech sites. Even your friends might have posted it on their Facebook walls and shared through Twitter and Google+. This enlightening infographic is released by Dot Com Infoway that illustrates the facts, figures and features of the revolutionary Windows 8 operating system. Although Windows 8 is ... Read More »

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